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Updated January 2018

Spilled pre-colored Red Plastic PelletsWelcome to Star Plastics – Your Partner in Plastics


Star Plastics is a custom compounder of engineering grade thermoplastics, and have been in the plastics processing business for over 25 years. Our focus has always been on you, the customer, to meet and exceed your expectations as your plastics resource partner.


As a full service plastics company, we offer:





Star Plastics has on-site, full service laboratories to test, create and process materials to your specifications. More information concerning quality certifications and an expanded list of lab capabilities can be found on our Quality page.


As your partner in plastics, our goal is to increase your bottom line, making Star...


• Custom Color Compounding

• Tolling Services

• and Material Marketing

No LTA Star-Ravenswood:

1,503 Days

Your Competitive Advantage

        in an Ever-Changing Market!

  • Custom Compounding

    Looking for a custom material? We have products that can be modified to meet your performance, property and price requirements. For details on our Custom Compounding capabilities, click here.

  • Tolling

    Do you have a need for adding value to your product or need a solution to a material issue?  Click here for a complete list of our Tolling services available, such as Compounding, Optical Sorting and Blending.

  • PolymerVault

    Need a material that's hard to source? With our Material Marketing group's market expertise, allow us to uncover solutions to meet your needs. To learn more about this division, visit our Material Marketing page.

Delivering Quality Products Since 1988
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