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Custom Color Processing

Custom Color, Colored Chips, Custom Color Plastic, pre-colored material

Star Plastics' consistent performance over the long term ensures repeat business to you and provides more dollars to your bottom line.


Over 85% of total pounds sold by Star Plastics are custom color and recurring orders. A significant factor in our success and longevity is the tracking of historical color data. Utilizing this information allows us to supply lot-to-lot consistency and stops the shifting of color over time.


We have a long history in creating custom color products within industries ranging from lawn and garden to recreational uses.  Below are examples of successful pre-colored compounds brought to market and their respective industries:

Pre-Colored Material, 3D Printer Components
Tinted pre-colored material, Recreational Water Sport, Application, plastic
Gray, Junction Boxes, Pre-Colored Material
Yello and Gray, Electric Device, Pre-Colored Material
White pre-colored material, plastic, Wall Thermostat, Application

• Bright Greens, Reds, and Oranges for the Lawn and Garden industry.

• Tinted for Electrical Cases, Recreational Water-Sport applications, and Tier-Two Automotive Lenses.

• Yellow and Gray for Electrical Devices

• Whites in Wall Thermostat Applications

• Blue, Gray, and Whites for "In Wall" and Outdoor Junction Boxes

• And more recently, we have delivered Blue, Green and Red Pre-Colored Material for 3D Printer Components.

Blue, Pre-colored Material, Plastic, Application
Lawn and Garden, reds, oranges, yellow pre-colored material
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