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Custom Compounding

Star Plastics is a custom compounder of engineering grade resins, including ABS, PC and PC Alloys, with an emphasis on pre-colored materials. We introduce additives such as glass, flame-retardant, UV inhibitors, release agents and other modifiers to create your custom compound.


Our products are designed to meet your performance, property and price requirements to positively meet your market needs.


Quality is key in custom compounding, and that is proven in our extensive UL-recognized product listing.

UL Registered Products, US and Canada UL Registered, Canada and US

Pre-colored Materials

Star Plastics compounds colors from greens and reds to custom blacks.


The benefits of using pre-colored materials vs natural and concentrate include:

• Reduced Scrap and Regrind

• Higher Output

• Faster Cycle Times

...and saves you money!

Product Lines

With three product lines to offer, we can customize a product to fit your needs for price, property and performance.

Please click below to contact your local Star Plastics Representative about finding a solution for your polymer need.

Find your Solution.


• VALUPAK™ Resins

• EcoPlas™ Resins

Research & Development

Star Plastics creates solutions for customers with unique problems; the analysis of samples in our on-site lab allows us to provide material alternatives.

We formulate custom compounds with additives such as anti-static, anti-fungal and material tracers in response to your needs.


If you have a problematic material, we will work with you to develop a better compound for your application.

Delivering Quality Products Since 1988
UL Certified, Plastics, US and Canada Plastics - Components UL Certified, US and Canada