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Star Plastics, Inc Announces Two New Products in FR PC Glass-Filled Lines

Two new products have been added to Star Plastics, Inc’s FR PC Glass-Filled product lines. The 10% GF is the PCQP301000, comes in black and gray, with a V0@1.5mm and 5VA@3.0mm and UL FR rating of an f(1). You can view the Data Sheet here and the UL Card here.


The 5% GF is the PCQP310500, black, with a V0@1.5mm and 5VA@2.5mm ratings. The 5% glass product is commonly used in conjunction with a blowing agent. You can see the Data Sheet here and the UL card  here.

To view the technical information for both of these products, as well as the rest of our glass-filled product line, visit our technical information page.

Please contact your Star Sales Representative for additional details, request a sample or email us at Sales@StarPlastics.com

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