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June 19, 2017

Star Pre-Colored Material Replaces other in Lottery Machine Cover Application

Star Plastics material PCQP7021RUV is being used in a new application for the Electronic Entertainment Market as a Lottery Machine Cover.  The customer is switching to our pre-colored, custom material from the previously used PC natural plus concentrate at the press.


The advantages of a pre-colored material over natural plus concentrate are many. Our pre-colored custom material is faster to market, therefore creating shorter lead times for our customers, and has better lot-to-lot color consistency over long-term projects and as well as color  consistency in part-processing.


This material is also UL recognized for its Flame Retardant properties, and Elevated RTI’s per the applications specified requirements.

Please contact us at Sales@StarPlastics.com to tell us what your needs are for your specific application, and let us formulate the right product for your needs! Price, property and processing are the keys to success -- we can find the right combination for you!

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