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September 2017

New Brand Identity Bursts onto the Scene!

Star Plastics, Inc has introduced a new era of custom compounding -- officially launching an updated brand identity and tagline.

"We are thrilled to be unveiling our new brand, an identity that truly represents what's in the DNA here at Star Plastics," says Doug Ritchie, President and CEO. "While our new logo and tagline give Star a re-energized look and feel, we want to emphasize to our valued customers and suppliers that this transformation does not include any changes in our leadership, mission, or vision as a leader in the market of custom compounding."

Star is an accomplished compounder with an eye toward future growth and innovation, two characteristics that shine through in their new brand identity. The new Star logo is in a perpetual state of motion, constantly driving forward. The primary logo element is an abstract representation of a half star. The left half is complete, honoring Star's past decades of excellence. The right half remains blank, open for growth.  The element is comprised of three petals -- a nod to the three key aspects of Star's livelihood: custom compounding, tolling, and material marketing. Shades of red, yellow, and blue demonstrates Star's expertise in custom compounding, as these three colors can be manipulated to create any hue on the planet.

"Navigating Custom Compounds" relates directly to Star's ability to lead and conquer complex material specification requirements. Their ability to navigate difficult conditions and still put forth a product that is best-in-class is unrivaled in the compounding industry.

As Star Plastics kicks off a new chapter in the company's history, they remain steadfast at being their customer's everyday solution for custom compounds, tolling, and material marketing.

We've got a lot of re-branding ahead of us, so please be patient as we update according to our new look. Thank you!

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