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September, 2016

Star Continues to Expand Globally with the Addition of a Second Plant in China

In order to meet growing demands in the global market, Star Plastics has increased its production potential by partnering with a new, exclusively-licensed facility in Shandong, China.


Star Plastics Shandong (SPS) facilitates Star Plastics' role as a global supplier to the growing demands of the plastics market, and allows continuous improvements in service to its customers. With the addition of this facility to the existing site in Shanghai, Star Plastics can have an even greater presence in the global market through its expanding Asia partner.


The new facility offers 7,000 square meters of production space and includes a full-service lab.


 Currently, a 68-milimeter twin-screw line is in operation for startup, with the area for nine additional extruder lines for the future.  Star Plastics Shandong increases production potential, and gives room for new materials and high-technology capabilities.


StarPrime brand materials, as well as the post-consumer content product line EcoTech Polymers will be available through Star Plastics Shandong.


These product lines encompass many high-technology compounds, including:

•  PC

•  ABS



•  PPO








as well as the following fillers: Glass Fiber, Steel Fiber, Carbon Fiber, Minerals, and Flame Retardants.


The markets that these Star Plastics Shandong product offerings will service include, but are not limited to: Electrical Applications, Lighting, 3D Printing, TV, Automobile, Medical, Business Machines, Lawn and Garden, General Industrial, Telecommunications, and Safety Equipment.


The new site will be located in the coastal province of Shandong, in the East China region, Shandong is one of the most populous and affluent provinces in the People's Republic of China, and has a rich history regarding the origins of Chinese civilization. It contains sites of important cultural and religious relevance, specifically for Taoism, Chinese Buddhism, and Confucianism, including the birthplace of Confucius.


Star Plastics is excited about this new growth with its exclusive partner, and the potential it holds for the future of their global presence.


For further information about Star Plastics Shandong:


Asia Contact: Frank Liu, General Manager of the Star Plastics Asia Locations

                       Frank.Liu@StarPlasticsSH.com, +86-1381878048


North American Contact: Michael Watson, Global Project Manager

                                         MWatson@StarPlastics.com, (304) 273-0352

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