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For the past three years, Star Plastics, Inc has had an average material satisfaction rate of 98.6%. During our annual customer surveys, we've received a Customer Satisfaction rating of 9 out of 10 every year for over the past four years.

Star Quality Policy:

"To Provide Quality Materials and Services through a Safe Operation by Continuously Improving the Process to Ensure Customer Satisfaction and the Attainment of Quality Objectives."

Our full-service, on-site lab allows for all of this testing to not only happen quickly, but also with a level of professionalism and accuracy that we can stand behind. We analyze inbound feedstocks, test material during production, and verify the finished product before it is released for shipment.

Testing is what keeps our customer satisfaction rate elevated above the competition.

Delivering Quality Products Since 1988
UL Certified, Plastics, US and Canada Plastics - Components UL Certified, US and Canada