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In times of rising employee healthcare costs, Star Plastics is doing its part to keep costs down and health up for its employees.

According to a national survey by Aflac of 1800 employers and 6000 employees, health care costs eat away at 50% or more of corporate profits in the US, leaving little room for investing back into businesses and workers. However, many companies are fighting back by implementing Health and Wellness Programs – and Star Plastics, Inc is one of them. Companies surveyed with these programs experience an average of 28% reduction in sick days, 26% reduction in overall health costs, and a savings-to-cost ratio of about $6 to $1.

Star Plastics put their program into practice three years ago, with a five-year plan in mind. The first year focused on education and awareness, followed by the second year of encouraging at least mild active participation. As the third year is now under way, more aggressive employee participation is required. Employees have an ever-growing list of options to meet the wellness criteria – from Nutritious Dining plans and Tobacco Cessation meetings to zumba, kayaking, or participation in weight-loss/fitness challenges—so participation in these activities is easy and fun.

The company has paired the program with their task specific Safety Program. As of July 8th, the Ravenswood site has gone 562 days without a lost time injury, and the Millwood location isn’t far behind with 457 days. This saves the company even more time and money, leading to even more benefits—including hiring. Within the past month, four new employees have been hired, and the company is currently interviewing to fill six to eight more manufacturing and production positions! (Applications for these positions are being received at the Workforce West Virginia office in Ripley)

Star Plastics works hard to create a good environment for its employees, and it shows: 35 of the 120 Star employees have been with the company for more that 15 years, and another 10 employees for more than 10 years.

With programs like the Wellness program, and the other employee-focused company initiatives, it’s easy to see why Star Plastics, a home-grown international plastic compounder has continued to grow and succeed.

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