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March, 2016

Star Plastics' product used for "Smart Meter", Cost Saving Energy Application

Star Plastics’ material PCQP7011RUV has been specified for use in a new “Smart Meter” application.  This meter is for electrical utility companies to not only measure electrical usage but to also analyze usage in order to provide customers with cost benefits of changing their energy-use habits. The OEM tested Star Plastics’ custom compounded material extensively in the several performance-based areas that are required to meet the application needs.

The PCQP7011RUV series is UL recognized PC FR with V0@3.0mm, suited for external use with an f(1) rating  and UV protection. This product was developed in custom colors specifically for the “Smart Meter” application.

To learn more about this product, view the UL card, Data Sheet, and Safety Data Sheet here.

For further information, please contact your local Star Plastics, Inc. sales representative or email us at Sales@StarPlastics.com.

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