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March 15, 2018

Star Plastics adds 15% Glass Filled PC/PBT GP to Global Product Offering

RAVENSWOOD, WV– Star Plastics has added a new product, PC/PBTQP7062, to its product portfolio. This is being announced after successful trialing and qualifications for specific customer requirements.


This 15% glass filled General Purpose PC/PBT would be used in low-voltage electrical applications, or applications that need to withstand higher heat requirements in the field. Because of the specific formulation created, it has better chemical resistance and higher heat deflection values when compared to other polymers such as an unfilled PC.


Contact Sales@StarPlastics.com to see if this product is a good fit for your application, or if we can formulate a material to fit your specific needs.

Need a Material Alternative? Let us help meet your needs. Contact us at Sales@StarPlastics.com

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