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Tara Chambers

Market Development Leader

Tara Chambers, a graduate of Marshall University and native of Ravenswood WV, has worked in the plastics industry for 14 years. She began her sales career in the metals market, selling Foundry and Billet Aluminum for six years. Since 2002, she has become a key resource for customers in specifying engineering and commodity-grade materials into applications.

John Roberson

Sales Representative

John Roberson got his start in the plastics industry in 1995 with Plastic Selection Group after receiving his BS in CIS/Business Administration from West Liberty University, and later an MBA from Ohio University with a specialization in International Marketing. He has a strong professional history, ranging from sales and marketing to business management and development in a variety of industries. More recently, he ventured back into chemical and plastics distribution, as a member of the Corporate Accounts Business Solutions Team for Nexeo Solutions, LLC in Ohio before joining the Star Plastics Sales Team. John will be our newest sales representative based out of Columbus, Ohio.

Lora Cremeans

Tolling Coordinator

Lora Cremeans, a Ripley WV native, has over 20 years experience in the plastics industry and has been a dedicated team member of Star Plastics since 1992. Previous to her work with Star, she received a Business Certificate from Roane Jackson Technical Center and worked at Western Dakota Insurers in Rapid City, South Dakota.  We are excited to report that Lora's role has recently expanded into the tolling business unit as the lead coordinator, working with manufacturing and customer to meet their Tolling needs. This is in addition to her Shipping and Receiving responsibilities.

Charlotte Valentine

Customer Service Representative

Charlotte Valentine, a resident of Mineral Wells, WV and graduate of Mountain State Business College and WVU-P, has spent over 30 years gaining product and customer management experience. Her experience includes roles such as Customer Service, Production Scheduling, along with Inventory Control. She also takes on multiple responsibilities within the community—as a Blood Drive Coordinator, an avid supporter of Parkersburg South Marching Band, an active member of her church and as an advocate for Breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s Awareness. Because of this extensive professional and personal history, Charlotte is skilled in communicating with customers, in coordinating with sales and production, and at working through any issues that may arise.

Abigail Sullivan

Customer Service Representative

Abigail Sullivan joins Star Plastics, Inc with a history of customer service roles; her experiences include: inventory management, employee training, sales and client-relations management. Abigail’s most recent position was as a Sales and Customer Service Representative for Aaron's Sales and Lease, where she worked specifically with customers to meet their needs, start to finish.  She is also very active in volunteering her time locally, as a member of ‘Main Street Ripley’ where she assists in fundraisers and helps organize other local events that benefit the community. From her professional career to her time spent in the community, Abigail has the skills needed to provide Star Plastics Inc’s customers with friendly, informative and reliable service.

Sonja Butler

Supply Chain Manager

Sonja Butler has been with Star Plastics for over 15 years, starting as a Purchasing Supervisor, but quickly moving up to Supply Chain Manager for both North America facilities. She began her professional career with Quantum, and then got into technical procurement with Apex Engineering, before joining Star Plastics. Sonja has over ten years experience in supply chain management, scheduling, inventory management, formulation and research; over six years experience in technical procurement and purchasing; and four years in project design in the plastic and chemical fields. She’s also active in the community, coaching soccer for over 10 years.


As the Supply Chain Manager for Star Plastics, Sonja manages scheduling between the two North American facilities, and communicates with Sales and Production concerning issues and ship dates.  She is responsible for product formulations, inventory levels of various necessary raw materials, works with the lab on new product developments, and manages the purchasing department.

Kevin Eagle

Purchasing Specialist

Kevin Eagle began his professional career at Commissary Operations as the Receiving Supervisor. While there, he was responsible for dealing with shift operations, schedules, evaluations and physical inventory. His experience is also enhanced with Computer Science educational background.  Kevin started with Star Plastics in 2009 in Floor Operations, and has been in the Purchasing Department since 2010.

 As Star’s Purchasing Specialist, Kevin is responsible for the procurement of raw materials to support Custom Compounded Sales and Manufacturing, along with the re-structure and growth of Star’s Inventory Management Division, PolymerVault.


Brandon Humphreys

Purchasing  Specialist

Brandon Humphreys, a graduate of West Liberty University, got his start in the plastics industry with Star Plastics, Inc in 2014. Prior to Star, Brandon worked for Fastenal in Sales, where he handled inside and outside sales, inventory management and store marketing. He also owns and operates his own DJ & Sound Services business, gaining valuable experience in customer service and development. He also enjoys all things motorcycle, firearms, and home renovation.


Brandon began at Star Plastics in Customer Service, and recently moved to the Purchasing department. He is responsible for handling feedstock purchasing as well as other internal needs such as packaging, pigments and additives.

Doug Ritchie

President & CEO


President and CEO Doug Ritchie graduated from WV Wesleyan College with a B.S. in Business Management. In 1988, he founded Star Plastics, then known as SDR Plastics, in Ravenswood WV. In doing so, he created a custom compounding and plastics processing business with a focus on providing the highest quality products available in the market.


Doug is on the board of Polymer Alliance Zone, a member of Society of Plastics Engineering (SPE) and the Young Presidents' Organization; served as President for the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, and was past chairman of multiple local projects and foundations. He is also involved in the operations of related plastics projects in North America and abroad.

Luke Schindler

Business Development Manager

Luke has over 30 years of experience in the plastics industry and has been with Star since 1989. Prior to Star, Luke worked as the Warehouse Manager for the Hartley Oil Company based in Ravenswood WV. He completed business courses at West Virginia University at Parkersburg and is an integral part of Star Plastics' leadership team. Luke's primary responsibility is the marketing and growth of the tolling business.

Chuck Hoop

Sales Manager



Chuck Hoop has been involved in the plastics industry for over 20 years, and since 2000 has been an important component of Star Plastics, Inc. Prior to getting into plastics in 1994, Chuck graduated from The Ohio State University and went on to work in the transportation and logistics world for six years. As the Sales Manager at Star Plastics, Chuck guides the sales team and has extensive experience in both compounding and distribution of commodity and engineering grade resins.

Frank Liu

General Manager of Star Plastics Shanghai

Frank Liu is the General Manager of Asia for Star Plastics Shanghai since 2010. Frank got his start in the plastics industry in 2000 as a sales representative in  commodity and engineering plastics. He graduated in 2000 from Polymer Technology of Qingdao University, and then in 2006 earned an MBA at Shanghai Jiaotong University. In 2004, Frank joined GE Plastics with a focus on PC, PBT and LNP products from sales to marketing specialist. He now leads the Star Asia team to serve the injection molding market.

Michael Watson

Global Product Manager

Michael Watson started with Star Plastics, Inc in 1990. He began his career in operations and quickly moved into the Quality Lab, where he was our leader in color matching for several years before transitioning into the New Product Development leader; where he specialized in Flame Retardants and managed the UL products and listings with Underwriters Laboratory. He also worked in technical service with customers on site and became proficient in trouble shooting and product development to meet customer needs.

          Because of his wide breadth of plastics experiences, Michael has extensive knowledge in production, color, new product development, and management. Michael currently is Global Product Manager, managing our Asia operations, playing a key role in developing and maintaining Star Plastic's global presence.

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